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E-Sun News in Education

The Sun News in Education is a cooperative effort of newspapers and local schools designed to enhance learning through the use of the newspaper and to promote literacy. This readership program encourages students to use the most current textbook around and to think and analyze current events in the world around them. Specific NIE activity guides help teachers use the newspaper to enhance their lessons and meet state standards. Special supplements and training opportunities are also available. NIE is available to elementary, middle and high schools and can be integrated into every subject area (ie. math, science, language arts, history, music, etc.)

Classroom newspaper licenses are sponsored by local businesses, organizations, and individuals. 

To find out how to participate in the program, call 843-626-0247. Or email


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E-Sun News in Education is...

Educational. Your E-Sun News in Education subscription includes other free educational content, such as online lesson plans and educational links.


Efficient. One order provides access to E-Sun News seven days a week and to every Sun News in Education program offered for one year.


Easy to Use. Search by key words and project/print what’s applicable to your lesson plans. Once student supplements and teacher guides are put online, they’re available to you through the end of the year.


Edgy. E-Sun News reaches students where they live – in an increasingly digital world.


NIE Workshop for E-Editions

NIE Workshop for E-Editions is a "virtual" one-hour course designed to familiarize teachers of all grades with how to use the newspaper across the curriculum in language arts, math, science, and social studies.  Teachers can take it at their leisure at any computer with Internet access.  Participants will receive a certificate of completion and may be eligible to receive continuing education credit.  (CLICK THE ABOVE TITLE TO ACCESS THE E-EDITION WORKSHOP)